About Us

About Australian Flavours

Australian Flavours is a food blog that attempts to save people from eating bland food. We want to explore and share the wonderful variety of good food ideas and recipes that Australia has to offer.

With its’ multicultural influences, the many quality food suppliers and producers, and a vibrant and creative cooking culture, Australia a wonderful country for good food. Because of this, it is the perfect place to experiment with and create new cuisine, from the simple and rustic to practical and fusion.

Mission Statement

Our Goals for Australian Flavours are;

Provide diverse and delicious food recipes, tips, and cooking techniques.
Learning how to prepare and cook good food is a useful skill. We create recipes to help make cooking easy. We want to provide lots of great food ideas that you can make your own.

Highlight and promote quality local food producers and suppliers.
The less time food produce spends in transport and refrigeration, the better the taste. Good food suppliers also understand how to select items with the best quality.

Explore and experiment with the fusion of flavours available in Australia.
Just because there is Italian food, Mexican food or Asian food (amongst many, many others) does not mean that we can’t experiment with mixing different styles into new recipes. Some of the best food in the world has been created by combining different food cultures together.

Showcase the multicultural influences on Australian cuisine.
Australia has an amazing blend of cultures. Most of these offer their own vibrant food cultures to add to the mix.

Teach awareness of the pleasure and benefits of good food in general.
Eating good food is a pleasure. This starts with good recipes and good quality ingredients. The benefits are far greater than good health.

Stay mindful of the considerations of time and budgets for individuals and families.
Buying expensive ingredients is not always possible. As such, we try to keep cost in mind when creating new recipes (whilst occasionally splurging on something extravagant).

Return us to the concept of eating good food for taste and flavour.
Whilst we need food to nourish our bodies, good food full of flavour also helps to nourish the mind. What would the world be like if all the variety and artistry of great food was removed?

We’d love to have you along for the journey. So look at the recipes we have on the Australian Flavours food blog and feel free to strike up a conversation at any time.

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