How To Know What Fruit Is Available

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How To Know What Fruit Is Available


Certain fruits are at their optimum quality at certain times of the year.

Of course, using seasonal ingredients in your cooking has a number of benefits.

  • The ingredients are more fresh. They have not been stored for long periods, and often that means they will not have been transported long distances.
  • The ingredients will taste better because they are fresher, and the best bit;
  • Your groceries will be cheaper because you are not having to pay (indirectly) for the storage or long transportation.

To capitalize on the availability of fruit or vegetables we use a “seasonality table” to check what’s in season year-round. This allows as to plan our menus and shopping to suit.  Now you can use this quick table as a guide to see what fruit is at its peak and reap the rewards in quality and flavour.


Fruit Seasonality Table

Fruit Season(s)
Apples Autumn
Bananas All Year
Blackberries Summer
Blueberries Summer
Cherries Summer
Figs Autumn
Grapefruit Winter Spring
Grapes Summer Autumn
Kiwifruit Autumn Winter
Lemons Autumn Winter Spring
Mandarins Winter
Melons (Honeydew) Summer
Melons (Rockmelon) Summer
Melons (Watermelon) Summer Autumn
Nectarines Summer Autumn
Orange (Valencia) Summer
Oranges (Navel) Winter Spring
Peaches Summer Autumn
Pears Autumn
Pears (Nashi) Autumn
Persimmons Autumn
Plums Summer Autumn
Quinces Autumn
Raspberries Summer
Strawberries Summer


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