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How To Know What Vegetables Are Available

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How To Know What Vegetables Are Available

Choosing vegetables when they are “in season” will mean they are the most fresh, and will have the best flavours to enhance your meals.

We have compiled a list of common vegetables below, and the seasons they are available.

It will of course be possible to obtain vegetables outside these times, however they will have been refrigerated and less fresh.


Artichokes (Globe).Spring.
Asian Vegetables.All Year.
Beans.Summer, Autumn.
Beans (Broad).Spring.
Broccoli.Autumn, Winter, Spring.
Cabbage.All Year.
Capsicum.Summer, Autumn.
Cauliflower.Autumn, Winter, Spring.
Celery.Spring, Summer.
Chillies.Summer, Autumn.
Chinese Cabbage.Autumn, Winter, Spring.
Cucumber.Spring, Summer.
Lebanese Cucumbers.Winter.
Leek.Winter, Spring.
Lettuce.All Year.
Mushrooms.Spring, Summer, Autumn.
Okra.Summer, Autumn.
Parsley.All Year.
Potatoes.Winter, Spring.
Pumpkin.Summer, Autumn.
Radish.All Year.
Rhubarb.All Year.
Silverbeet.Winter, Spring.
Spinach.Winter, Spring.
Squash.Spring, Summer.
Tomatoes.Spring, Summer, Autumn.
White Turnip.Autumn, Winter.
Zucchini.Spring, Summer.

If there are any you would like to see added to this list, please let us know.

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