Kingaroy peanut growers

Our Time at the Good Food & Wine Show, Sydney 2018

Good Food & Wine Show Sydney 2018

Grab your ticket to the Good Food & Wine Show, your official wine glass, and off you go to peruse and sample some of the best food and wines Australia has to offer. As you enter and start to wander around the new ICC hall, you are met with a sweet smoky waft, and greeted by many passionate purveyors of our countries fare.

Here is what (and who) we saw…

Good Food Village

A speciality food market at the heart of the show, packed with small artisan producers who pride themselves on the quality and provenance of their produce.

We had the chance to catch up with a few of them…..


Picky Picky Peanuts

The Only Company producing Australian made and grown peanut oil! FYI, The peanut flavoured mixes are delicious as well!

Kingaroy peanut growers

Picky Picky Peanuts Kingaroy

Murray Cod Australia LTD

Long considered the worlds best eating freshwater fish, the Murray River Cod, was at one stage virtually unattainable. Someone give this man a medal for reintroducing it back to the world with the sustainable farming system. Look out for them on the stock exchange.

Renowned Murray River Cod

Sustainably farmed Murray River Cod

EAT Truffle

Eastern Australian Tablelands are a fantastic company. They bring all the beautiful Eastern Australian Black Truffles to the big cities from many of the wonderfully hard-working small truffle farms.

EAT Truffles co-operative

Eastern Australian Tablelands (EAT) Truffles co-operative

Bee the Best

Want the real deal, Bee the Best is supplying real Manuka Honey from New Zealand to Australia. With the market filled with fake honey, keep on the lookout for the good stuff.

Bee the Best imports authentic Manuka honey

New Zealand Manuka honey – Bee the Best

Knives & Stones

Finally, someone heard the cry of Sydney Chefs for the need of original quality handmade knives from the masters in Japan. James of Knives & Stones, located in St Peters, had a fantastic showcase with some of the master smiths and representatives of a few quality knife companies demonstrating their blades. My vote for best stand and my personal happy place!

Regional Wine Pavilions

You can go on a tour of some of Australia’s most acclaimed wine regions with selected stands/vendors which will be grouped by region, and you can do all this under the one roof without driving!


Good Food Theatre

Watch the Chefs and restaurateurs on stage as they cook delectable dishes live – get clued in with their hints and tips for recreating the dishes at home to impress your friends and family!


Riedel Drinks Lab

You could learn to be a wine master at one of the free wine tasting classes at the Riedel Drinks Lab.


Tuckers Natural Cheese Alley

Whatever your preference is in cheese, you are likely to find it in Cheese Alley. From buffalo mozzarella, cheddar, Jarlsberg, to Camembert, artisan goat’s cheese, or creamy brie, you may find a new favourite.


We would also like to welcome on board our new marketing agency, Content Creative Agency.

Finally time to stumble home, full and satisfied and keen for the next event.

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