Australian Pork

Australian Pork

Why Eat Pork?

Apart from the obvious pork products like Bacon, and ham, pork is not only “the other white meat” but a delicious and healthy meat, that can be substituted in any red meat or poultry recipe for a flavourful boost. I personally love using pork mince in my Bolognese for a beautiful rich flavour in my sauce, and one of my all-time favourite recipes would be Char siu or Chinese BBQ pork neck! If this wasn’t enough reason for you to “put some pork on your fork” here are some more pork facts.

A piece of pork, trimmed of fat is as lean as skinless chicken breast, and is a first class protein with many other nutritional benefits.
Pork contains a range of B group vitamins necessary for a healthy nervous system, and is particularly rich in the nutrient thiamin. Thiamin or B1 is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrate, fat and alcohol. Studies have shown that excessive alcohol consumption results in low levels of thiamin, effecting memory, and concentration. Regular drinkers, especially those who enjoy a couple of wines at dinner time will also feel calmer from increasing their intake of dietary thiamin. So pork and wine anyone?
Pork is a great source of zinc, essential for a strong immune system and it is a powerful antioxidant helping prevent cancer cells and helps maintain healthy hormone levels.
Add to that the powerful antioxidant selenium and Omega 3 fats there are plenty of reasons to enjoy pork in your diet.
The strict biosecurity protocols in place offer effective protection to Australian grown pigs and their handlers from all diseases.


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Australian Pig Farmers

Australian pig farmers do farm free range pigs a little differently to other countries mainly because we enjoy a climate that allows us to keep our pigs outdoors all year round. Australian free range pork producers relish their clean green reputation and raising pigs on pasture is something this country does well.
Australian Free Range Pork definition: All pigs are born and raised outdoors and spend their life time free to explore open paddocks. They are kept at an intensity that will ensure access to forage and grazing.

The Australian pig herd is free from many serious viral and bacterial diseases afflicting other pork producing countries. This is why on-farm biosecurity and product integrity continues to be one of the most important aspects of Australian pork production. Australia’s pork industry is also leading the world to ensure its pork products are fully traced from paddock to plate.

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